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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 12-23, 2008

Some more pictures of recent activities and scenery:

Virginia and two missionary sisters posing with the posies

Pup takes a nap on my shoe during a lesson in a member home.

Baptism last Saturday of Oris and Nicole Martinez. She and her husband (back, middle) are both attorneys. He is already a member. We've enjoyed being in their home several times. His parents are on the right.
The Mow family where the pup napped on my shoe. (Pup being held by Laura.) Elder Hernandez holds one of the portable stools we take around to such meetings.
Peña family preparing to see a video.
Don causes blight on otherwise beautiful scenery.
Virginia enhances already beautiful scenery.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

December 24, 2007, to January 11, 2008

Virginia heard a loud noise in the hallway between our house and the neighbor's a couple of days ago, but only after I found I had no hot water in the shower the next morning did we discover what it was. Our wall-mounted water heater had not been installed well by the people who installed it for us, and it came crashing down. We found it hanging upside down by the gas line and water line. Some of the wires inside were burnt. We consider it a blessing that the fall of the 30-40 lb water heater didn't break the gas line, which with the fire going in the heater might have caused an explosion or fire--at least for all we know it could have. We'll shower for another day or two without hot water and see if we can get someone out early next week to reinstall it--ideally under the guarantee, if it still applies, but without the guarantee if necessary.

Missionaries of the Alcalde Diaz zone and senior couples from the office at activity honoring the Sibleys (office couple) who were leaving, the Coxes (office couple) who just arrived, and elders Smith, Page, and Lui who were finishing their missions.

A little girl put her parasol over her sleeping dog at an outside meeting we were having at her house.

Virginia on street in Villa Grecia just before sunset.

Outside meeting where we showed a video to a couple, a couple of their children, and various neighborhood children who congregated to see what was going on. We are sitting right on the path that goes up the hill from the main road to these somewhat isolated houses. There is a deep ravine with lush tropical vegetation just to the right of the picture. The investigators' humble home is on the left, but it's cooler outside, and there wouldn't have been room for all of us inside anyway.

Welcome treat at ice cream shop in between visits.

Merry missionaries on Christmas Eve wearing leis of wrapped hard candy given to us by the young missionaries.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Converts, wildlife, needy member

You should be able to enlarge any of the following photos by clicking on them.

The first photo is of the Zapata family, a complete family baptized on December 29. The 14 year old young man (Eliecer) is especially sharp. He is learning some English, is taking Virginia's piano class, and took the missionaries from a neighboring branch (and us) to teach the family of some friends. He can't wait to turn 19 to serve a mission. In fact, all of the kids are very bright, each is reading his or her own copy of the Book of Mormon, and all read aloud better than most adults we work with.

On New Year's Day we took the mission president and his wife out to the Soberania National Park to look for wildlife. We saw lots of monkeys and a number of pretty birds, which were difficult to photograph very well with our little camera. The first is a toucan, the second a monkey, the third a pretty butterfly on a pretty flower, and the fourth is another pretty bird whose name we don't know. The fifth shows the biggest birds of all, but isn't from the park but from a member's home that we visited. The turkeys had unusually pretty blue heads.

To help us all appreciate what we have, we post here some photos of the home of a brother Melanio Urriola, nearly 70 years old, who was run over by a car a year ago and seriously injured. He survived, but walks with a cane and has long scars down his front and on his leg. He gathers aluminum cans to try to get a little to eat, but you can see he hasn't eaten much. His home is about as close to nothing as you can get--sheets of sheet metal leaning together, held in place by poles, etc. He has a hammock for a bed. His water comes from a dirty river behind his place. Local hoodlums have stolen tools from him and even his cane, as he has no security at his place. He shares the home with a snake, a spider, and other univited creatures. He says there is a crocodile in the river below him where he gets his water. He holds the Melchizedek Priesthood and attends church regularly when he's not sick. We are working on getting a special grant from the Area Presidency to help build a block home with a lockable door, with labor to be donated by missionaries and members. We're going to try to complain less when we encounter such comparatively minor inconveniences as having no running water for a day.

Short video of monkeys playing (if it uploaded properly.)