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Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008

Virginia walking down path in La Cabima branch behind elders on way to appointment.

Virginia on the same path. Note the little stream at the bottom.
Another shot down the same path.
Pretty purple house in Villa Grecia, with purple flowers in front.
Just up the road from the purple house, on our way to an appointment up the path on the left.
Mechanic in make-shift "shop" behind service station fixing our car after it limped in with just one nut holding the wheel on.

Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 2008

We went today with Elder and Sister Cox, the office missionary couple, to Soberania National Park and hiked the famed Pipeline Road once again. For the first time we were able to climb a newly constructed tower and get a "bird's eye view" of the surroundings. Another couple there had a nice telescope and tripod, with which they helped me to get some shots I otherwise couldn't have gotten. In addition to those pictured, we saw a number of small but beautiful green birds, blue birds, and yellow breasted birds. We saw our first sloth. And on the way out, we saw a tree full of monkeys. We also found a steam of ants beautifying their homes with fallen pink blossoms, a short video of which will be accessible at the bottom of this page.
Lake where we spooked a crocodile when we arrived
Blue green bird in Soberania National Park
Red dragonfly in Soberania National Park
White orchid (?)
Pink orchids in the treetops
Nests of the yellow-tailed oro pendula birds

Pink flowers on trail in Soberania National Park
Howler monkey
Multiple monkeys
Pretty bird

Sunday, February 03, 2008

February 3, 2008

We got to work for the first time this evening with the elders who serve two days per week in the new little branch of Kuna Nega, a Kuna Indian community three miles up the road from where we live. Though they are part of the San Isidro Stake, he mission president had asked that we include them in our rotation along with six branches from the Alcalde Diaz District that we were already working with. After leaving the main road, we drove over a typically rough and sometimes steep dirt road, crossed a stream (no bridge), and arrived at the branch president's house, where we showed The Testaments to a group of 28 members and friends. (They had only 18 in sacrament meeting earlier in the day.) The following photos show you the surroundings. It was darker, of course, for most of the film, and was actually a bit darker than it looks in the picture when we started. We kept an eye on a brush fire not too far off that sent flames and smoke into the air, but the wind moved it away rather than toward where we were, and soon firemen were on hand to see what they could do about it. As many as six lizards at a time kept scampering across the "screen" (outside wall of the house), enjoying the attention they were getting--or the better light with which to catch bugs. We've included a somewhat fuzzy photo of two of them. Following the literal "fireside," we were fed some yummy chicken and rice and punch for refreshments.