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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fling in Flamingo

We took our new tent trailer down to the Flamingo Campground in the Everglades National Park Monday (January 26) and Tuesday (Janaury 27) to try it out and learn how to set it up prior to taking it on longer journeys in another month or so. We learned that it is important to put down the stabilizing jacks before climbing onto the bed (Whee!). We also learned after much trial and error how to put on the extra "room," but we ended up with a fiberglass pole and a couple of small bungee cords whose function we never did figure out. We are happy to report that our new car has only one minor scratch and dent in the bumper after we tried hooking the trailer on too close to the garage and lost control as it came out over a small lip in the pavement. And the trailer has only minor tears in the fabric, evidently from our not having packed it up properly at some point. But all in all we are very pleased with it and look forward to many good trips in the future with it. The following are a few photos from the trip:

Roseate spoonbill in Eco Pond
American crocodiles near Flamingo marina. There are only about 500 in the entire country, almost all concentrated near here. They prefer salt water rather than fresh.

Virginia on Snake Bight Trail (not to be confused with snake bite trail)

Don poses in front of tent trailer at campground

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post-Panama Post--Family Fun in Florida

On January 10th we bade farewell to friends and associates in Panama and returned to our home in Florida with the mixed feelings typical of virtually all returning missionaries. We'll miss the people and the missionary work in Panama. We look forward to another missionary experience in another year or so. But in the meantime we are thoroughly enjoying being home. Kathi and Jose had cleaned up our house nicely. Jose picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at the local Toyota dealership to pick up the car we had ordered with Kathi's and Debbi's help. We have been released by the stake president, have reported to the high council, have been called to teach the temple preparation class in the ward, and will speak next Sunday in sacrament meeting. We have opened our new little tent trailer, have hooked up a trailer hitch to the car, had the car wired to connect to the trailer, and look forward to some great camping and visiting over the next year. We've enjoyed visiting with Kathi's, Debbi's, and Regina's families, meeting Brynn Boix and Cyrus Adib for the first time, and we look forward to visiting with the rest of the family in the near future. In the meantime, here are some preliminary photos to prove we're actually home:

Virginia swings in park with Alexa and Brynn Boix on Saturday afternoon after returning from mission. Name tag is still on.

Boix and Adib kids play in Cazier home.

Boix and Adib kids in playhouse made from box our tent trailer came in

Virginia inspects playhouse made from box our tent trailer came in.

Boix kids in grandparents' back yard

Anya, Cyrus, and Dimitri Adib

Adibs bed down in grandparents' living room.

Cyrus Adib in swing

Don's and Virginia's new Corolla

Pinewood Derby car construction

Brynn Boix and AnnaSophia Adib

Brynn with blanket

Feeding ducks in Boix back yard

Adibs in Boix living room

Virginia plays in ball bin with Alexa

Trampoline at Boix's

AnnaSophia rides duck decoy

Brynn chasing ducks