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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pointing north toward West Point

After a couple of good months in Florida, punctuated by a nice visit to Denver to see Laurie's family, Don and Virginia are hitting the road to visit Danny's family in West Point, with an overnight stop in Laurel, Maryland, to see the Yeardleys. The pioneers never had it so good! We're thoroughly enjoying our new Toyota Corolla, our new mini-tent trailer, our wireless Internet access en route, our cooler which plugs into the cigaret lighter, etc., etc. Some photos follow. We spent our first night at Faver-Dykes State Park in north Florida, near St. Augustine, where as oldtimers and Florida residents we qualified for a half price rate. The second night we're at a KOA in Florence, South Carolina.

We've said more than once that the best way to see miracles are to (1) be involved in missionary work, (2) to work with family history, or (3) to go on a long trip around the country. Today's miracle was that as Virginia was driving in South Carolina, she felt a thump behind us, as though something had happened to the trailer. After pulling off to investigate, to my astonishment it was not a flat tire after all, but the trailer had come detached from the car! The tongue of the hitch had come out from the piece it fits into, though the pin that holds it in place was still fully attached. The only three possibilities seem to have been (1) that demonic forces were at work, permitting the metal pin to slide through solid metal without leaving a trace, or (2) that someone had mischievously undone the hitch, leaving the tongue outside of the pin, or (3) that whoever hooked the hitch up in the first place was an old absent-minded soul who never got the tongue in far enough to secure in the first place, and had put the pin through the receiver part without it ever going through the tongue at all. Much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid that #3 is the most likely, though it absolutely astonishes me that we could have gone several hundred miles on two different trips without the tongue pulling out. Perhaps the safety chains kept it from coming out before, but we may have hit a bump that caused the hooks on the end of the safety chains to bend just enough to let the hitch come completely undone. At any rate, the miracle is that no permanent damage was done, and we were able to connect it up right and continue on our way. We found, however, that the turn signals no longer worked, but we got to our campsite by 3 p.m., were able to look up the location of the Florence Toyota dealer on the Internet, program the directions into our GPS, and arrive in time for them to fix it before closing time. In fact, as it turned out to be only a blown fuse, they didn't even charge us! We feel truly blessed. In the eternal scheme of things, this may seem like no big deal, but we appreciate all the little miracles of this sort that make life so much easier. If it had happened on a day when we didn't have a couple of free hours in the afternoon to get the turn signals taken care of, it could have been a much bigger nuisance.

Here are a few picture for your viewing pleasure:

Camping at Faver-Dykes State Park
Virginia enjoys a hike in Faver-Dykes State Park.

Colorful cardinal in Faver-Dykes

Another purty birdie

Tongue which came apart from the hitch. The pin you see in the picture was actually still in the hitch under the car. Evidently I had never got it through the tongue in the first place!

Enjoying 9 year old MRE's for dinner at KOA after getting turn signals repaired. No cooking and easy cleanup!

Freeze dried food for our storage at home


Still more

And more

Brynn and Alexa Boix with their Grandpa Cazier


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