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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mastering the ABC's: Alligators and Adibs, Battling Bugs, and Camping Caziers

Don and Virginia officially launched their nearly four month long summer tour with a visit to the Adibs, camping with them Friday, May 8th, at Hillsborough State Park. There was much to enjoy about the campout, but the semi-annual emergence of hordes of "lovebugs" created a bit of a challenge to both campers and vehicles. Below we see some of the more enjoyable moments:

Adib family, Don, and campsite
Adibs and Caziers at scenic spot on trail along Hillsborough River

Cyrus taking advantage of public transportation

Also Anya

Alligator in river discovered by Dimitri. Light-colored object in water near Dimitri's head is probably a big 2-3 foot long needle-nosed fish that was swimming by.


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