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Monday, June 29, 2009

June Journeys

Here are further photos of our visits with the Yeardleys, Higgins, and Danny Caziers. When and if we get pictures related to Alexander Higgins winning the national silk screen competition, we'd love to post them on this same site for the enlightenment of our ever-growing number of readers.
Sage Yeardley, age 5

Fireworks with the Yeardleys

Further fireworks


Water slide enjoyed by Danny's and Malisa's kids and some friends

Danny, Malisa, and Emma

Spencer, Lance, Lily, Cayla

Lance practices piracy

Spencer, Cayla, Lily, and a friend

Cami in the caboose

Danny, Emma, Malisa, Cami

More mischief on the high seas

Senior sailors

Don, Virginia, and Marcia Betts, a friend of Danny's and Malisa's who lives with them and will be joining us at the Palmyra reunion. Known by the children as "Auntie."

Lily with lily

Cami and Lily

A clay version of the "picture drawing game" with the Higgins

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Underground and underwater with the Higgins

Higgins enjoying cool cave during sweltering weather.

Virginia also goes underground.
Tali and Dallin search for precious stones at Raccoon Mountain Cave.

Having mastered swimming, Tali now practices for mermaid job at Tennessee Aquarium.

Video: Dallin and Tali Higgins display aquatic prowess:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We've recently seen a John and Carina

Strawberry and raspberry picking:

Family Home Evening at the Yeardleys:

John reads story to Sage while Megan and Zeke listen to Carina read scriptures.
Bella the Petite sits quietly for FHE instruction.

Carina cuddles her affectionate daughter Megan.

Megan combines prayer with piano. (Hey, isn't the "song of the righteous" defined as a prayer?)

Sage prepares for possible flood.

Below (video): Megan plays piano, Sage bounces on ball, and Sage sings song.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Primitive Picnicking with the Burrows

A picnic in the park can take interesting turns when unusually heavy rainfall the preceding days has caused flooding, as was the case at Beech Fork State Park near Ona, West Virginia, where we went for a Saturday afternoon outing with Ginette and their five youngest kids. Happily, we went in part to try out (finally) our inflatable kayak, and the flooded park proved to be the perfect place for it. We didn't even need the life preservers, as the following photos will prove. And with no other available fire pits or grills available, the flood waters proved no deterent to our using Shelter #2 for our hot dog and marshmallow roast. At the bottom of this post you will see musical renditions by all five youngest kids, four on the piano and Max on the harmonica. The first pictures you'll see are a couple of family group pictures. Tom is back home after his job in Wisconsin fell through, and he'll be looking for work locally in preparation for his impending mission.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Camping in Colorado--or in the wild with the Wildes

Hail, hail, the gang's all here! Laurie shows off bowl of large hail collected from back yard.

In addition to visiting with Laurie and Tyson (and Sarelle and Savannah) in their home, we went camping with them June 4-6 at Golden Gate Canyon State Park in the mountains west of Denver. Following are some photos, including a video of Sarelle doing some of her ballet moves and singing the ABC's.

Sarelle helps plant portable garden

Hiking the Raccoon Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
On the Raccoon Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Mom roasts marshmallow

Don dressed for a cool evening

Virginia dressed for a cool evening

Don and Virginia at Panorama Point in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Campground cookery

Wildes prepared to sleep in the wild

Laurie, Don, Savannah, and Sarelle

Video: Sarelle demonstrates ballet moves and sings the ABC song.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

From Atlanta to Mesa

The following are some photographic highlights of visits to the Higgins, to Ricky's family, to Rupert, and to the Quigleys in Mesa:

Dallin shows off his vocabulary word display for school. His word was "kilogram." There is some evidence that his dad may have helped.

Taylor and Abby pose on stairway at nursing home where they participated in a piano recital. See video below.

Rick coached Abby's soccer team this season. This was their last game, on a very cool and windy day.
Abby on soccer field for game.

Doctor Rick and family on graduation day. See video below of the ceremony.

Rick on graduation day

Rick's family in front of their Iowa City home

Barry's and parents' headstone in Heyburn

Back of headstone with names of all our children.

Virginia at Twin Falls Temple

Don and Virginia, Marvin and Alice, Bob and Sherryl, Mac and Nancy

Don and grandkids on very dizzying ride at indoor amusement park in Mesa

Braden and Brent Quigley

Michael Casey with grandparents

Rachel and Laurel Quigley (on right) do musical number with friend

Rachel's birthday party

Don and Laurel on high speed indoor roller coaster

Virginia and her trusty steed
Quigleys in front of their Mesa home

Don and Virginia at Mesa Temple

Don and Virginia and Quigley grandkids

Quigleys in front of Mesa Temple
Virginia welcomed to Chama, New Mexico, lovely mountain area in northern New Mexico where her great-great aunt Laura Atlanta Miller Pearson died in 1918.
Train in mountain terrain in northern New Mexico