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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doings with David's family in Denali

For those who haven't seen David's family for a while or Denali National Park ever, we provide the following photos of both:

David and Amy with children Ashley (13), Dallin (11), twins Lindsey and Sidney (8), and Joseph (or "Joey", nearly 3) in front of their home at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks
Family in front of their chapel in North Pole, Alaska

Joey with one of the many balls he enjoys throwing or kicking

Statue of Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska

The Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska

David fixing dinner in Denali

Hike along the Savage River

Bridge at the one mile mark on the trail, where we crossed and headed back into a strong head wind

Joey throws rocks into the river

Kids climb tree at campground

David's family and Virginia at site where we saw a grizzly bear and caribou nine years ago with Regina and Sean. This year we didn't see any wildlife there, but as we left, a couple of girls ran toward us breathlessly asking if we hadn't seen the mother grizzly and three cubs on the other side of the creek where we had been walking and playing! They thought we must be taking pictures of them, but we hadn't seen a thing.

Kids play in Savage River

Savage behind tree lobs rocks into Savage River in front of children, who refused to be either mystified or impressed.

Mt. McKinley (Denali) on an unusually clear morning, taken from our campsite (with a zoom lens).

Closer up shot of Mt. McKinley, still with zoom lens. At 20,000+ feet, it is the highest peak in North America.

Another photo of Mt McKinley from a distance
Another shot from the shuttle bus road in Denali National Park

Lindsey and Sidney with Mt. McKinley in the background

Caribou (reindeer) in Denali

Male caribou in Denali

Grizzley with two cubs in Denali

Trumpeter swan in Denali

Don at Wonder Lake, near where we camped nine years ago with the Adibs

Virginia picks blueberries near Wonder Lake

Virginia and twins enjoy salmon feast with bear

Coach David gives pointers to Ashley's and Dallin's team at halftime. They ended up beating a physically larger team 3-1, with Ashley getting an assist and Dallin scoring a goal and both playing very aggressive and skillful soccer at both the forward and midfield positions.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures on the Alaska Highway

We've now happily arrived in Fairbanks (or at least at the nearby Eielson Air Force Base, where David is stationed), and we highly recommend the drive up the Alaska Highway to anyone with the time to make the trip. We trust we'll feel the same way after returning via a similar route. We were blessed with excellent weather and lovely campsites, even if not all had potable water. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll save several thousand units of verbage by posting the following photos, with brief captions for most:

Having a daughter (and a grandmother) named Regina, we were happy to see what the city named after them looked like.
The Regina Temple
Bison in Elk Island National Park in Alberta. We saw nary an elk but several bison and prarie dogs, represented by the following photo.

Two days earlier they had had a major storm at Elk Island National Park, with winds upwards of 60 mph. Much of the camping area was closed, and they had no power or potable water except at the visitor's center, but we had a good stay anyway, including a hike along this trail, made more interesting by fallen trees.

Too bad Taylor (Ricky and Janessa's boy) couldn't have been along to be welcomed.

Mile O of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creen, British Columbia. It's about 1500 miles to Fairbanks.

Canola field seen from the Alaska Highway

Virginia preparing munchies at Muncho Lake campsite.

Photogenic moose

Bear-shaped Northwest Territories license plate

Stone sheep. We'd never seen them before.

Stone sheep

Mother bear with two cubs

Why did the bear cross the road?

Another bear, on hillside
Bison herd with baby bison

Closeup of cute baby bison Don and Virginia at Muncho Lake campsite

Fireweed cover both sides of the highway most of the time.

View along the Alaska Highway

Entering the Yukon Territory

Rainbow near Kluone Lake

Virginia at Watson Lake, probably discovered by Debbi and Greg

Yukon River as seen from hiking trail at Wolf Creek Campground, near Whitehorse

Male moose

Mama moose and mini moose


Scene near Kluone Lake

Kluone Lake

Wild creatures at Haines Junction

Marger Lake, free campground at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge just inside Alaska

Wildlife seen in Marger Lake

Virginia leaves her mark on hillside (as had many others)

We made it!

Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Another view of Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Another view of the Alaska Highway, inside Alaska

Eielson Air Force Base
Videos below of moose, swan, and Yukon River panorama