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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Seeking Salmon in Seward

Last Tuesday we left Fairbanks along with David and Amy and their kids for an adventure in a cabin at Derby Cove, in Caines Head State Recreation Area, near Seward, accessible either by hiking in or by taking a water taxi. We opted for the latter. David and Amy were good sports about spending their 14th wedding anniversary in a one room cabin with their kids and parents! The weather turned out to be great once we got to the cabin, despite some predictions of possible rain. The following are some photos of some of our favorite memories of the trip:

Mt. McKinley was visible in all its glory on the way down. Most of the summer it is obscured by clouds or haze, as it was on our return trip.
As it was raining on Tuesday in Seward, we were grateful to be able to spend the night with David's family in a townhouse at a military resort, with all (or most) of the comforts of home.

Here we are at the cabin, in Derby Cove, in Caines Head State
Recreation Area, a couple of miles or so from Seward. David and Amy did their cooking over a campfire.

Amy cooks foil dinner and salmon.

David displays small jellyfish.

David displays edible portion of pink salmon he caught. He and Amy each caught multiple pink salmon but kept and cooked only one, hoping instead to catch the larger and more succulent silver salmon, but they may not have arrived yet.

Don cooks hamburgers in a more conventional way.

At Exit Glacier, near Seward

Girls beautify dead tree on beach at Derby Cove.

Virginia and Lindsey near cabin

Virginia the lumberjack (or is it "lumberjill"?)

Virginia hauls one of the many loads of flat stones she carried from the beach to improve the somewhat muddy path from the beach to the cabin.

Amy displays salmon.

Amy fishes at Derby Cove, with Seward in the background.

Bald eagle in tree at Derby Cove

Don and Virginia pose

David and Joseph Fisher fish.

David fishes amid gorgeous scenery.

David lands one.

Don uses timer on camera to catch himself and waterfall.

Wild beasts encountered in the woods

Scenery next to cabin

Twins care for Joey.

Virginia hauling one of many loads of wood she collected for the campfire.

Kids ride up front in water taxi on return trip to Seward.

Inside the cabin of the water taxi.

Bull moose we found in brush beside trail at a stop near Anchorage on our way back to Fairbanks. It is debatable who was the more surprised.


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