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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burrows visit. Guardian angel worked overtime.

We’ve had a great visit from Ginette, David, and their four youngest boys, with several evidences of the hand of the Lord to acknowledge with gratitude. We were initially disappointed when the Burrows were bumped from their Wednesday (July 7) flight, but by having them come Thursday instead, we were able to have a bigger and better car in which to transport them, and we were able to rearrange the itinerary so that they didn’t miss anything on our planned itinerary but Chichicastenango. In the 11 days they were here we got to take them to Panajachel (Lake Atitlan), Copan (Honduras), Tikal and nearby sites, and Rio Dulce. They also got to attend our little branch twice on Sundays.

The biggest miracle occurred while we drove to Lake Atitlan. As we were going uphill on what I thought was a four lane divided highway, I pulled into the left lane to pass a slow truck, only to find a large semi truck heading straight toward us downhill at a fair rate of speed, as we were on a portion of the highway where oncoming traffic had been diverted onto our side of the road because of landslides, and I somehow had not noticed. Slowing down was not an adecuate solution, as the truck I was passing was going too slow. Through divine intervention, I’m sure, there was barely room for all three of us, with my squeezing as close to the truck in the right lane as I could, and the oncoming truck whizzing by us, missing us by inches.

Another minor miracle occurred while driving north toward the Peten, when we hit a large pothole in the road, which apparently damaged a shock absorber or something similar, as it rattled ominously the rest of the trip, but the car still drove well enough to get us to Tikal and back.

We were also blessed with exceedingly good weather most of the time, getting a little wet only as we left the nature reserve in Panajachel and yesterday as we were in the zoo and had a reenactment of the Noah and the ark story (with approximately the same amount of rain and same number of animals.)

The following are a sample of photos taken during our travels:

Max plays with baby coatimundi which a little girl in a canoe on Rio Dulce let him handle.

Eli and Sam with new friends in Primary. It didn't matter that they couldn't speak each others' languages.

Coatimundi in Tikal

Fierce mountain lion encountered in the Peten. (Okay--it was in a zoo.)

In front of Temple 1 in Tikal

An alarmed Eli gets his ears boxed in Copan.

At Copan

Tepescuintle in Copan

Beatiful macaw in Copan

In Antigua

At Lake Atitlan
On Lake Atitlan

With indigenous lady in Santiago Atitlan

In front of most impressive temple in all of Guatemala