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Friday, August 20, 2010

Patient Virginia and other recent photos

Most readers of this blog know that Virginia has always been patient in one sense. If not, she would undoubtedly have left long ago! But today she became a dental patient of Elder (Dr.) and Sister Tobler, a senior missionary couple, who took us up to the dental clinic at which they work downtown at the Tio Juan orphanage. The Church has installed some excellent equipment in the clinic, which the orphanage allowed them to set up in return for the dental missionaries' providing free dental care to the orphans. The missionaries also work on prospective and current full time missionaries, including those coming through the local missionary training center. We were quite impressed with the excellent facilities, which may be the best in all of Guatemala City. Here are a few photos, along with photos of other recent typical activities.

The courtyard of the Tio Juan orphanage, taken from near the entrance to the dental clinic.
Entrance to the dental clinic inside the orphanage compound.

Elder and Sister Tobler in front of the dental clinic. They live in the same apartment building as we do and attend the same branch on Sundays. They previously served a dental mission in Cambodia. They came down not knowing Spanish, but they are doing very well at learning it. She teaches a Primary class and he is branch executive secretary.

Inside the dental clinic--about six state of the art chairs and equipment.

Dr. Tobler putting protective covering on Virginia prior to taking xray.

Examining Virginia looking for cause of sensitivity to cold in one tooth.

Virginia in Primary class. She had just given out the gospel art books to all of the children.

Virginia singing with group at farewell dinner for departing senior missionaries.

During family home evening video at our apartment.

Virginia playing the piano at Monday morning devotional for area office employees. Elder Martino was to give the spiritual thought that day.


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