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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mission Presidents' Seminar with Panajachel Photos and Santiago Sights

From November 16-19 we were privileged to participate in the annual mission presidents' seminar, held this time at the Hotel Atitlan in Panajachel, on the shores of Lake Atitlan. In addition to the 15 mission presidents (including the MTC president) and their wives, participants included the Area Presidency and wives, Elder Lynn Robbins of the Seventy and his wife, the DTA and his wife, the area medical advisor and his wife, two translators, and Virginia and me. My role prior to the seminar was to put together the agenda and binder with related materials and to prepare the name cards to sit on the table in front of each participant. During the seminar it was to take minutes. Afterwards it was to do up a two page summary of major points needing ongoing emphasis and follow up. There was a support staff from the travel office, physical facilities office, and technical support office who were very helpful with the physical arrangements but did not participate in the meetings other than as observers and facilitators of the equipment, room arrangements, etc. There was much good instruction along with some free time for recreational and social activities. Following are some photos from the week's events. Clicking on any one will give you a larger size photo.

Dinner on the lawn down by the lake on our first night. Photo taken by Elder Falabella.

Clarkes and Robbins dancing following dinner.

Fireworks paid for by Elder Martino as part of a 60th birthday celebration for his wife.

Seminar setup

Elder Clarke instructing at seminar

Elder Robbins instructing at seminar

Virginia leading the music

Virginia accompanying Sister Torres as she sings "If You Could Hie to Kolob"

Waterfall in nature preserve nearby where if Alma didn't perform his baptisms, he should have!

Crossing the stream on nature trail above the waterfall

Thatched roof of meeting room

Hotel Atitlan, where we stayed. Note beautiful gardens.

Another shot of gardens


And one more

Virginia and me in native attire

Virginia in native attire

Mission presidents and Area Presidency in native attire

Sisters in native attire

Boat which would take the group to Santiago Atitlan, across the lake

Clarkes dance to music on the boat

Young man with heavy load at dock in Santiago


Boy with load of sticks in Santiago

Note how much the lake has risen!

Group of indigenous women in colorful clothing at dock in Santiago

Women with a lot on her mind at Santiago dock

San Pedro volcano near Santiago

Group photo taken by professional photographer.


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