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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday in Antigua and other recent activities

With other senior missionary couples we took an excursion to the city of Antigua (Guatemala) on Good Friday, to see the world-famous "carpets" made of colored sawdust and sand, pine needles, flowers, fruit, baked goods, and other materials. Many were made the evening before, but a rain during the night washed them away, so many were still under construction (or reconstruction) when we arrived. We arranged for a bus and a guide, and had reservations for both breakfast and lunch at a popular restaurant with great atmosphere (and with seriously inflated prices for the occasion). Between the two meals we walked around the streets and saw dozens of carpets. After lunch we saw a major religious procession pass over the top of the carpets, destroying them in the process (which is the expectation). Photos follow, with a few shots at the end taken at our recent mission presidents' seminar and our recent area council meeting.

Breakfast on the terraza at the restaurant of the Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, which occupies a 315 year old property with lovely colonial patios and gardens, one of which is seen in the background. Virginia is under the white hat. On the left are the Curtisses, who are serving currently very effectively as humanitarian missionaries and who will be finishing soon, taking a few months off, and then have been invited to take our place as area executive secretary and assistant when we leave the end of November. She is Guatemalan, and he speaks very good Spanish and is very organized and proactive. They will be great.
Another view of the patio.
Carpet under construction
And another
Completed carpet. Most of those that follow are completed. Click on them to see a larger image with more detail.

Our group ran into Elder and Sister Clarke and Elder and Sister Martino (of the Area Presidency), who had come separately, without our knowing they were going to do so. It just shows you never know who you might run into at any given moment!

Note the cute little kids who are dressed for participation in the procession.

Note the chili peppers!

Lady with a good head for the food business!

In the foreground are loaves of bread baked in the shape of crocodiles!

Bible and hands baked out of bread dough

Beginning of the procession

Men and boys carry the "float" with Jesus

Girls and women carry Mary

The cleanup crew right behind
More cleanup immediately after the procession.
Not connected with the preceding, but a real funeral procession as we waited for our bus
Area Presidency (Enrique R. Falabella, Don R. Clarke, and James B. Martino), with executive secretary
Area Presidency, Area Seventies, and office secretaries
Taken at the mission presidents' seminar. Area Presidency and Elder and Sister Hinckley are in front. We are in second row on left.