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Friday, December 23, 2011

Home again!

November 30th concluded a wonderful phase of our lives as we returned from our mission in Guatemala to spend the next 18 months at home and visiting kids and grandkids, take care of needed dental and medical appointments, arrange for a double knee replacement in January, and take an exotic trip or two prior to our going back to Guatemala in June, 2013, for another mission in the area offices. The following are a few photos, probably of greater interest to family than anyone else.

Name tags removed, following release from mission.

Anya Adib at Westonn Regional Park
Debbi and Kylie at park
Our home in Weston, with our new Hyundai Accent
Belated Thanksgiving dinner
Kids' corner of belated Thanksgiving dinner
Leila Boix with kitten
Bryanna and Leila Boix on Silver
Boix bunch at Disney World
Kathi and Braxton at Disney World
Aren't these guys too old for the merry-go-round?
At least these guys aren't!
More Disney World
Lion in safari at Animal Kingdom

Safari so good
More safari
And more. Virginia says we don't have to go to Africa now. It really was a good one.

Adibs in front of their home in Valrico
Kylie Watson (on right)
Did you know there were llamas at the stable?
At Egyptian Museum in London
Tower of Power at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Dallin and his two younger sisters thought it was great!
Assyrian depiction of conquest of Lachish in Israel
Egyptian plaque. Colors are original.
Assyrian statue
Virginia with David's family in Godmanchester
Old church in Godmanchester
Ashley on train to London
Entrance to British Museum
Lukey and Joey at Winter Wonderland
Our favorite exhibit at the museum (the one on the bottom--not on the top)
Innovative bed base in David's and Amy's home
David's and Amy's home in Godmanchester
Family fun
David and Amy and part of family in Godmanchester
Family soccer

Going to Christmas Eve program at centuries old Godmanchester church
Steeple of church
Interior of church. Virginia on far left. It was chilly!
Stained glass window
David's family in Godmanchester church
Below is brief video with bells playing

Lukey plays Santa

Joey enjoying karaoke
Dallin demonstrates wrestling moves
December 24, when David's family opened gifts, since Christmas came on a Sunday
Lyndsey, Lukey, and David
Dallin, Ashley, Amy, and Sydney


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